Ben Moser
A very special studio with friendly and personal instructors. The space is amazing and I love the variety of classes offered. There are classes here for everyone no matter where you're at in your yoga journey. So thankful for this place 🙏🏻
Ruby Sal
This yoga studio is a little bit of a drive for me, but I love the staff and I love the classes. I was able to advance my practice quickly within two months of joining this studio. I will be returning once coronavirus has died down.
Claire Darling
Mi Vida is a fantastic studio. It is small with a very calm, peaceful atmosphere. The rates are average for Albuquerque, and I have gotten to experience the instruction of many teachers while doing the Introductory month package. I personally really enjoy that this studio does Not have mirrors covering all four walls. I am able to focus on how my body feels and what it needs, instead of how I look and all those surrounding me. The studio provides yoga mats and blocks during class if you need them. Randi, Pedro and Calysta are all fantastic, helpful and kind instructors. Thank you all!
Calysta Camp
Absolutely amazing space filled with beautiful people! This studio and the instructors have done amazing things for my life 🙏❤️
Steven Scubbasin
I fell in love with yoga at Mi Vida! Empowering, nurturing, warm, inviting, supportive and inspiring. From my heart to yours, Namaste.
James Sinnott
A really good place to yoga! I highly recommend
Sara Mchugh
I'm slightly over weight with no flxability and no balance and have always been to embarassed to give yoga a real chance. Mi Vida Yoga makes me feel confident and comfortable and I really enjoy going. The instructors are FANTASTIC and classes are relatively small filled with indaviduals that I feel are just like me so I feel no pressure or shame if there are poses that I just can't do yet. EVERYONE, from instructors to members, are so incredibly friendly and supportive, it's a child friendly environment (my daughter goes with me frequently and everyone watches out for her and helps her) and membership prices are phenomenal! There is love,passion, knowledge and understanding when you walk through the door!